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iCruzing Along To Being a Household Brand - Here’s Everything You’ve Got to Know


We’re no strangers to brands offering lifestyle accessories sliding their way onto our frequent searches. Joining along the ranks is iCruze - a homegrown brand, proudly made in India, for the world.

The brainchild of co-founders Syed Uzair Hasan and Rajnish Gupta, iCruze was founded in New Delhi, India, in the year 2020. Over the past two years, the brand has grown immensely, expanding into various markets. What started off as a small firm with a limited range of products is now a company offering everyday lifestyle products and more, with a rapidly expanding product range.

Syed Hasan and Rajnish Gupta, who are both industry experts with 25 years of experience under their helm, are gradually becoming game-changers in the lifestyle and electronic market. The aim behind the inception of the brand was to cater to consumers a range of daily-use items that don't dent their pockets. Quality, affordability, and adaptability are their key priorities in making their products accessible to all. Tapping into the growing need for lifestyle products and accessories with unparalleled quality and a reasonable price range, iCruze has neatly stepped into the gap, intending to become a household name. As smart gadgets take the world by storm, iCruze is steadily supplying the market with their latest innovations to meet this need. The gradual digitalisation that we have seen since 2020 will only see more demand for smart gadgets and a growing dependency on these products.

iCruze is set on following the Make-in-India revolution by being a part of the domestic manufacturing boost that the electronic and tech segment has seen over time. With the government advocating ‘Make-in-India’, iCruze collaborates with multiple Indian manufacturers, with 80% of their products made in India. The aim is to further reduce outside dependency, increasing the rate of domestic production. This is yet another factor implemented in a bit to make their products cost-effective and economical.

While it hasn't been long since the inception of the brand, iCruze is already gaining an edge over its competitors by aiming to delve into research and development for smartwatch in a bid to be prepared for the advent of 5G technology. Keeping with the changing consumer needs and the quick evolution of technology as their key focus, iCruze is now gearing to take over the market of wireless portable accessories. As of 2023, iCruze is launching the smallest TWS, focusing on quality and adding value.

Adaptability has been a prime quality allowing the brand to establish itself in an already-thriving market. The awareness of changing trends and newer innovations have led to the brand launching a number of quality products that are above par. The iCruze Pronto is only one example of the brand reading consumer needs and identifying the gap, creating a superior smartwatch focused on accuracy and seamless connectivity.

Although iCruze, as a brand, refrained from being present on online marketing and general trade channels during the initial phase, the products have now found their way on retailer and distributor networks as part of the next phase. Currently, the brand has a strong presence on both online and offline channels. This, in addition to the products being accessible on the brand’s website, is an added boon that is sure to see the brand thrive all the more.

The immense growth that iCruze has seen so far is only evidence of what the brand plans to achieve in the coming years. It certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see the brand surpass its competitors. With newer innovations in store, iCruze is looking forward to launching many more products that set a precedent to the steadily evolving consumer need.

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