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Power Up Your Devices with the All Impressive iCruze Strike

Power Up Your Devices with the All Impressive iCruze Strike


An avid traveller with a conked off phone? We feel you.

There’s nothing worse than being on a road trip with no phone battery to spare. There's pictures to take, people to tag, GPS to consult, and emergency contacts to reach out to. Certainly impossible when you're in the middle of nowhere. And there's nothing your flimsy excuse for a power bank can do for you if you've decided to purchase the cheapest you could find.

Whether you’re planning a long trip or just stuck in the rut of everyday to and fro, the iCruze Strike is just the addition you need for your range of devices slowly being drained of sustenance in your routine living.

3 Reasons You Need Our iCruze Strike PD Power Bank

When it comes to safety and accessibility, a phone that’s charged up to maximum and unlimited network provides assurance like no other. And while there is no dearth of power banks with their varying sizes and capacity to keep your batteries in check, the iCruze Strike doesn't disappoint. Here's every reason to invest in one:

We’re high-performance

The iCruze Strike comes with 10000 mAh battery capacity and triple charging ports. Whether you’re charging a single device or three, they’re all powered up in no time. And there’s still enough to spare for the next round of charging.

Additionally, with large devices incorporating bigger batteries, our high capacity power banks make for ideal carry-ons.

Superfast charging all the way

The power bank offers superfast charging with a 22.5W PD type-C output port so all your devices can be charged without hours of being plugged in. So, even when you’re in a hurry with a phone that’s almost dead, we have your back.

Going wireless is in

If you’re among the many stressing about tangled USB cords and misplaced chargers, there’s nothing better than a wireless power bank to power you through. All you need to do is carry our power bank along without the need for countless wires and cords messing up your packing.

And if all these reasons aren’t enough, a quality power bank can get you out of tight spots when your job relies solely on you making endless calls to clients and customers, or travelling to odd places every now and then.

Need more reasons? A quick look through our power bank specifications is sure to convince you! Head over to our site and get yours today!

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